Ranking lists

SSNB No Longer keeps ranking lists for skaters under 11 years old for girls and 12 years old for boys

  • Ranking Lists are tabulated from the 1st Maritime competition of the year
  • These ranking lists are used to determine what skaters in each SSC category will be eligible to attend either the Eastern Regionals Championship (100M Track) OR if 15 or over attend the Canadian Short Track Championship (111.12M Track)

Track SizeLink to PDF
111.12m2017 03 12 111.12m track ranking
100m2017 03 27 after CEST2017 (100m track)
Long track2015 11 30 Long Track NB Records

FPVQ – Ranking Lists
Pay attention to the FPVQ required time standards to see if you can apply to the Quebec circuit.

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