NB Rankings and Entry Standards

  • 100m – Speed Skate NB ranks girls 11+ and boys 12+. The ranking list is used to select skaters for the Canada Youth Short Track championships at the end of March. Entry standards are also identified in the ranking document.
  • 111m – Speed Skate NB ranks girls 13+ and boys 14+. The ranking list is used to select skaters for entry into the FPVQ provincial circuit and SSC national championships (Canada Cup and Juniors)

Track SizeLink to PDF
111.12m111m Rankings (March 2023)
CWGs Ranking CWGs ST Final Ranking (November 29th, 2022)
100mCYST Ranking List (March 2023)
Long TrackLong Track Ranking (November 29th, 2022)

FPVQ – Ranking Lists
Pay attention to the FPVQ required time standards to see if you can apply to the Quebec circuit.

Check out your progress from past seasons!

YearShort Track
Long Track
2022-2023111m TrackIndoor
2021-2022100m Track

111m Track
2019-2020100m Track

111m Track
2018-2019100m Track

111m Track
2017-2018100m Track

111m Track
2016-2017100m Track

111m Track
2015-2016100m & 111m Track
2013-2014100m Track

111m Track
2012-2013100m Track

111m Track
2011-2012100m Track

111m Track
2010-2011100m & 111m Track
2009-2010100m & 111m Track
2008-2009100m & 111m Track
2007-2008100m & 111m Track
2006-2007100m & 111m Track
2005-2006100m & 111m Track