T2T – Advanced (Train to Train)

Provincial Team – TRAIN to TRAIN (T2T) Advanced Programs (Approximate Ages: 13-16)

T2T programs are mainly intended for those skaters who have reached their “Growth Spurt” (Peak Height Velocity) and wish to refine better skills and habits for their sport.   Participation in this program expects the incorporation of both OFF ICE as well as ON ICE training.

Your success comes from YOU – It is developed from the dedication & commitment to YOURSELF to achieving YOUR GOAL(s).  There is a MENTAL COMPONENT to every one of these training sessions.

IF there is NO Mental component that “YOU” use to embrace your Commitment to improvement, what will drive you during a training session?  This development of mental skills happens ON a Daily Basis .

Train 2 Train Advanced

Since their can be a physiological spread of 4 years in chronological ages in the Training to Train development stage,  SSNB has developed a 2 tiered approach dividing this development stage into Basic (3.1)  and a more Advanced program (3.2).  Only once the 3.1 programs become easy, should you move to the 3.2 programs
These development programs are designed to include all the training windows required at this stage and to prepare you for the next stage at the Learn to Compete (L2C) Stage 4.1
FREE BODY Leg squat progression
T2T Dryland Training Targets

July T2T Advanced (3.2) Programs

July Weekly Training Program

3.1 July – T2T (3.2) freebody strength & agility

3.2 July – T2T (3.2) freebody strength & agility

3.3 July – T2T (3.2) freebody strength & agility

3.4 July – T2T (3.2) freebody strength & agility

August T2T Advanced (3.2) Programs

August Weekly Training Program

4.1 August – T2T (3.2) freebody strength & agility

4.2 August – T2T (3.2) freebody strength & agility

4.3 August – T2T (3.2) freebody strength & agility

4.4 August – T2T (3.2) freebody strength & agility

 Make Sure that You have your Yearly GOAL(s) set and written down

If you want to have success beyond the PROVINCIAL level:

    • You will need to be focused on your goals and know the steps it takes to achieve them.
  • Proper Nutrition, Rest and Training need to be a daily part of you life.

Success will come to those who give the proper time, focus & directed energy necessary to properly develop the 4 elements of sport (Technical, Tactical, Mental and Physical).

Success comes from a focused and progressive approach to improvement in all 4 areas. Development will not be the same speed for everyone.   At this stage you are learning how to make choices for YOURSELF and learning to live with the results from those choices.

At this stage in your development, YOU need to develop a good work ethic along with a focus on developing good Technical skills. Proper refinement of technical skills at this stage is Critical —ALONG with your physical development.

Success will not always happen. There will be trying times when you will need the support of others to help you through hard times.

If we truly WANT something – We need to LEARN to stay focused on our goals and learn to work through the hard times.   There are plenty of good skills to be learned from defeats – but only if we look for them.

Success is developed from the DAILY habit of your dedication and commitment to yourself.


Flexibility/ balance/ agility programs – important requirements for ALL levels/ages of skaters. With growth – Flexibility and Balance are very important and must be worked on a regular basis.
Ball Programs – Can be a good strength developer at ALL ages and can be done safely and inexpensively at home.
Some different ideas for speed of movement drills. 4 – 8 sec Max sprints work as well
Dot Drills:
4 square Drills:

A guide to the needs of your growing body, Your bodies interaction of vitamins and minerals, amounts needed and the food types to get them from. Teach them to make the healthy food choices.

More information on proper nutition can be found at www.dietitians.ca

YOUR dream, that inspires YOUR commitment and dedication, is a worthwhile goal! 
A goal – without YOUR commitment and dedication will always be “just a dream”p steele