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The 2023 Canada Winter Games will be held in PEI. For over 30 years, SSNB has had medal performances at every single Winter Games, and we are pleased to announce that our training cycle for the 2023 Games has now begun. This is a two year cycle as we prepare for Keeping the Winning Tradition!

For all things related to the CWG, there is now a new tab on our website “CWG 2023” that will have all updated information related to the CWG under it. Key item that can be found here include: The SSNB CWG Guide, A list of all SSNB eligible athletes, and a schedule of upcoming CWG training camps.

Good luck to all those involved! It is sure to be a time of excitement, improvement, friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime!!

Direct contact will be made to those eligible via email. If you have any immediate questions or concerns please direct them Provincial Coach Jamie Macdonald at

Over the past month, SSNB challenged it’s members to skate for 30 minutes straight and complete as many laps as possible within the timeframe. We had 80 athletes take part in the challenge, with a total of 5937 laps skated!!

This was a fun way to challenge our athletes, and it was great to see the level of participation! It’s safe to say this will become an annual event!!

SSNB 30 Minute Lap Challenge Results

Due to the Corona virus pandemic and the unprecedented season that Speed Skating is having in New Brunswick and all across the country the Athletic Development/Coach Committee (ADCC) has decided to freeze all members on the Provincial Team for the 2020/2021 season. The ADCC has made the decision that no individual can be removed from the Provincial Team until that skater has the opportunity to skate in two maritime competitions.

The ADCC would like the Provincial Team to still be attainable this season, so there will be standards implemented for the 2020/2021 season for athletes to qualify for the Provincial Team.

To qualify for the 2021/2022 Provincial Team, athletes will need to achieve the following combined standards, all from a standing start, with no drafting allowed (pursuit style):

GenderTrack SizeDistancesCombined Standards
Women100m Track (ages 11-14)Combined 200m + 600m92.25s
111m TrackCombined 333m + 777m121.25s
Men100m Track (ages 12-15)Combined 200m + 600m87.00s
111m TrackCombined 333m + 777m113.75s
2020-2021 Provincial Team Standards

Provincial Team athletes will be exempt from the required volunteer hours this season due to athletes having restricted access to the arena and the cancellation of most, if not all, competitions in the 2020/2021 skating season. It is important for Provincial Team athletes to recognize the importance of volunteering and giving back to their clubs and they are encouraged to volunteer if they can, even though it is not required.

Provincial Coach Jamie Macdonald will be hosting a virtual training camp over zoom, during the upcoming holiday break!

The camp has been designed so that a wide age of athletes can participate. Jamie understands the developmental needs of athletes of different ages and has designed training plans to accommodate this. The breakdown of dates, ages, and pricing can be seen in the table below:

Skating age Women 8-11 and Men 9-12Skating age CYSTC eligible or older (Women 11, Men 12)Provincial Team Members (List)
Camp DatesDecember 28thDecember 28th and 29thDecember 28th, 29th, and 30th
Total Price$10$20$20

Each day of the camp will run from 10am to 3:30pm. A variety of activities will be incorporated into the camp including: Speed Skating specific dryland training, agility training, aerobic training, race strategy discussions, and team bonding games. Additionally on certain days there will be special guests: Chandler Scott, physiotherapist and SSNB alumni, to discuss injury prevention, and UNB recreation program assistant Amanda Lee to lead spin classes and palates sessions.

You do not need any equipment to participate in the camp although Jamie will reach out, by email, to those registered to suggest items to bring to training (i.e. yoga mat, box to jump over, etc.). Finally, programs on any given day will be modified/adjusted to meet the developmental needs of athletes of different ages.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Jamie Macdonald directly at

Please register HERE by December 22nd!

We hope to see you all virtually over the holiday break!!

Speed Skate New Brunswick is looking for an individual to manage their social media accounts.

The Individual must be 14 years of age or older, and a registered member of Speed Skate New Brunswick for the 2020-2021 season.

This is an amazing opportunity to gain valuable experience, boost your resume, and make connections within the Speed Skate New Brunswick organization!

Please see a full description of the position and application in the link below. Interested applicants are asked to apply by December 14th.

SSNB Social Media Content Manager Job Description and Application

If you have any questions please contact SSNB’s Executive Director, Scott Beamish, at