Provincial Team Qualification Standards, 2020-2021 Season

Due to the Corona virus pandemic and the unprecedented season that Speed Skating is having in New Brunswick and all across the country the Athletic Development/Coach Committee (ADCC) has decided to freeze all members on the Provincial Team for the 2020/2021 season. The ADCC has made the decision that no individual can be removed from the Provincial Team until that skater has the opportunity to skate in two maritime competitions.

The ADCC would like the Provincial Team to still be attainable this season, so there will be standards implemented for the 2020/2021 season for athletes to qualify for the Provincial Team.

To qualify for the 2021/2022 Provincial Team, athletes will need to achieve the following combined standards, all from a standing start, with no drafting allowed (pursuit style):

GenderTrack SizeDistancesCombined Standards
Women100m Track (ages 11-14)Combined 200m + 600m92.25s
111m TrackCombined 333m + 777m121.25s
Men100m Track (ages 12-15)Combined 200m + 600m87.00s
111m TrackCombined 333m + 777m113.75s
2020-2021 Provincial Team Standards

Provincial Team athletes will be exempt from the required volunteer hours this season due to athletes having restricted access to the arena and the cancellation of most, if not all, competitions in the 2020/2021 skating season. It is important for Provincial Team athletes to recognize the importance of volunteering and giving back to their clubs and they are encouraged to volunteer if they can, even though it is not required.