Training Videos With Provincial Coach Jamie Macdonald

Hello everyone, we hope that everyone is adjusting to physical distancing well, and that you have been able to stay active during this time. The current situation is unprecedented and staying active may be difficult at this time, so Provincial Coach Jamie Macdonald will be releasing training videos for you to do in your home to help you stay moving. Jamie will virtually be doing the full program with you so all you’ll need is your workout clothes and a small space in your home! The program difficulty in the videos are designed  for those in the Train to Train stage; approximately ages 11-15, and for further details on this training stage you can visit the SSNB website and under the “Athletes” tab there is a description for each training stage.

Link to Training Videos

The videos have been tailored to accommodate a small space, so that the programs are accessible to everyone. So far there is a warm-up video, a cool-down video, and one program. There will be a video released once a week on Monday for you to complete that week.

Additionally, weekly training programs for May and June will be released on May 1st, and there will be a video of one of the skating specific programs that Jamie Macdonald will guide you through.

These are the first videos that SSNB has made, so your feedback is welcomed. There will be an anonymous survey in the google drive folder for you to add feedback and suggestions to. This will help to improve and tailor the videos to your needs.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Jamie Macdonald at