SSNB Competition Bulletin and Provincial Team Policy Updated

SSNB has made several changes to their Competition Bulletin and Provincial Team Policy for the 2019-2020 season. The documents are linked below; please have a read through them if you would like to see the fully updated documents.

Some of the major changes are:

Provincial Team Policy:

  • The standard to skate on the 111.12m track has been changed to be 215s for the women and 203s for them men when combining their 100m tracks 400m + 1500m personal best times.
  • SSNB athlete funding to competitions has been modified. A detailed outline of SSNB’s funding is outlined in the PTP

Provincial Team Policy

 Competition Bulletin:

  • With the a personal best time in the 500m distance below 60.00seconds, a Masters Class or Special Olympics skater will be allowed to compete on the 111.12m track as part of the ability division if they so choose.
  • Seeding into divisions will be based on a combination of a skaters personal best times (refer to pre-competition seeding table)
  • PB times from the previous season can be used for seeding purposes until December 31st of the current skating season
  • Number of skaters on the line for each distance has been modified and will be different for both Olympic sized ice surfaces and non-Olympic sized ice surfaces
  • Advancement criteria from heats to finals has been defined and is dependent on the number of skaters on the line and the distance skated (see table in bulletin for outline)
  • Advancements by time are now irrelevant of position. For example with a 1+3 advancement it is possible for 4 skaters from the same heat to make the A final

SSNB Competition Bulletin

With all of these changes, the Athletic Development/Coaching Committee will monitor how the meets are being ran with the new changes, and we thank everyone for their understanding of some potential hiccups as we continue to innovate and try to offer the best meets we can.

All of these changes were made in an effort to: align with Speed Skate Canada’s meet format, provide meaningful competition to each participant, run more efficient meets, and to offer exhibition relays more regularly in our maritime meets.

We’re looking forward to a great season!