SSNB CEST Preparation Camp

The SSNB Canada East Short Track Championships (CEST) camp will take place March 10th-11th in Saint Andrews.

March 10th 11:30am-5:30pm

March 11th 9:00am-3:30pm

W.C. O’Neill Arena Complex (24 Reed St, Saint Andrews)

Ice sessions will be broken down to girls only and boys only to accommodate the large number of potential participants and for safety concerns on a smaller rink surface. Along with 2.5 hours of ice each athlete will have, there will be dryland training, blade checks, NB Suit fitting, and classroom seminars. The focus of this camp is to prepare our athlete for the upcoming relays at CEST and to develop a positive Team NB atmosphere.

Please eat lunch before arriving March 10th as no lunch break will be given. Several snack breaks will occur throughout the day so pack plenty of healthy snacks and fluids to eat/drink. Dress for the weather outdoors as we will plan to hold some dryland sessions outside.

All CEST aged athletes are welcome to attend regardless of speed. (skating age girls: 11-14, boys: 12-15)

Participation to the camp is not mandatory for CEST skaters but is highly recommended for preparation of the relay events.

The cost for the camp is $50. Please sign up below by Friday March 2nd.

***Online payment is preferred.  No cash will be accepted at the event.  If you must use a cheque please make it out to NBASSA Inc for the correct amount.***

If any coaches or older skaters would like to help coach for the camp please contact Scott Beamish. It’s always great having an extra few hands around, and a refresher on relays is great for everyone!

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact Scott Beamish at

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