SSNB – AGM June 3, 2018

The New Brunswick Amateur Speed Skating Association (SSNB) will hold its AGM at 2pm on Sunday June 3rd at the Grant Harvey Community Room.

We will have a WebEx session available for remote participants, however given the Chair position and Director of Finance roles are both up for election, I would suggest that attending in person is appropriate for as many as possible.

The final agenda will be published May 26 along with the reports.
Current Agenda:
  • Call to Order
  • Approve Minutes of the Previous AGM
  • Business Arising for Previous Minutes
  • Reports and Communications
  • Election of Officers
  • New Business

Delegate votes are based on competitive skaters (does not include LTS)

1-20 skaters = 3 votes
21-40 skaters = 4 votes
41-60 skaters = 5 votes
61-80 skaters = 6 votes
81-100 skaters = 7 votes

(No single delegate can hold more than 2 votes)

As an example, if a Club has 50 competitive skaters they would need 3 delegates to count all 5 votes (2 votes x for two delegates and 1 vote for one delegate)