Speed Skate New Brunswick Posts

There will be a Canada Winter Games Camp held on May 13th in Dieppe from 10am-5pm.

This will be an outdoor camp held at the Anna Malenfant Track. Please dress appropriately for the weather outside.

All athletes ages 8 and up are welcome to join the dryland training from 10am-12pm at no cost!

Please register for free.

CWG athletes will then have lunch, continue to train, participate in fun activates, and go through information on the CWG process (goals, camp info, selection process, etc.).

Make sure to bring lots of water with you as we are in a field so there are no fountains close. Also this is a long day of training so bring some snacks with you, and a healthy lunch.

There is a $10/athlete fee for CWG participants, please sign up here by May 12th.

Be ready to work hard and have fun! I hope to see you all in Dieppe on May 13th!

Note: This camp was changed from May 14th to May 13th due to Mother’s Day on the Sunday.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Scott Beamish.


The New Brunswick Amateur Speed Skating Association (aka SSNB) is pleased to announce its Annual General Meeting for May 6 2pm at the Samuel Champlain Community Centre in Saint John.

We are leveraging this time and location as there is a provincial team dry land camp and nutrition seminar scheduled earlier in the day at the same location.


  • Review and approve agenda
  • Review and approve minutes from 2016 meeting
  • Report from Clubs
  • Report from Athlete Development
  • Report From Officials Development Committee
  • Report from Technical Director
  • Review of Financials
  • Voting of Directors (Chair / Director of Finance / Athlete Development Chair)
  • Other business
  • Please have your reports ready fro distribution by May 4th.

We will adjourn by 5.

Please feel free to distribute to your Clubs.

Posted on the SSNB website are provincial training programs. There will continually be daily training programs posted under the athlete tab on the website.

The programs are designed for athletes at different stages of their growth spurt. Please read through the recommended physical maturity stages for each program and remember that kids develop specific skills faster at different stages of their growth spurt, and these programs are designed to target the development of proper skills at each stage.

It should be known that the best training an athlete can do for speed skating in the summer is get involved with another sports program. Track and field, soccer, biking, swimming, etc. are all great ways for kids to stay active, and by being involved with other sports, especially at young ages, kids become much better-rounded as an athlete. I cannot stress enough that participating in other sports programs is a huge benefit to the development of young athletes. The posted provincial training programs are only recommendations.

Also under the athlete tab on the website is the provincial coach dryland schedule. On this page you can see the dates and locations that Scott Beamish will be running speed skating specific dryland programs for athletes of all ages. There will be minimal cost to attend, just enough to cover a need to rent a facility or having a sport science professional brought in. Please refer to this page as dates become closer for updates on the exact location and time of day that the training programs will take place.

If you have any questions about the SSNB provincial training programs or the provincial coach dryland schedule, please contact Scott Beamish.

I hope to see you all throughout the summer!

There will be a nutrition seminar and dryland practice May 6th from 11am-2pm at the Samuel de Champlain community centre in St. John.

This event will be open to all athletes ages 8 and up! It will consist of a speed skating specific dryland training program from 11am-1pm, led by Scott Beamish, and a nutrition seminar from 1-2pm given by Natasha McLaughlin (sport and performance dietitian).

Good nutrition for sport is something that all athletes can benefit to learn or get a refresher on. We will go through: good daily nutrition for an athlete, how to incorporate food around different training programs, how to properly manage your intake of fluids, what ratio of foods (carbs/fats/proteins etc.) are need for athletes, etc.

It is strongly recommended that anyone who is able to attend should do so. Whether you are competitive in sport or not, good nutrition is something that all kids should have knowledge of! Because parents do a lot of the grocery shopping for kids younger than 18, parents are invited to sit in on the nutrition seminar with their son/daughter!

The dryland practice will be held outdoors on the soccer field. Please dress for the weather outside. There will be different programs being run for different ages, they are just at the same time for efficiency sake.

There will be a $15 fee/athlete to participate in the nutrition seminar and dryland practice to help cover the facility and dietitian cost. Please sign up here by May 6th .

If you have any questions, please contact Scott Beamish at scott_beamish5@hotmail.com

2019 Canada Winter Games Guide

The 2019 Canada Winter Games Guide for team New Brunswick short and long track speed skating can now be found on the SSNB website.

This guide is still a draft. A few final details regarding selection criteria need to be added but the training components/requirements given are finalized. These need to be read carefully by both athletes and parents and fully understood.

As we begin our summer training, with select CWG camps throughout the offseason, section 4.0 of the guide provides details for training expectations from NB athletes.

If you are of eligibility for the 2019 CWG in Red Deer, Alberta, please fully read through the guide. If you have any questions/concerns or comments, please contact Scott Beamish at scott_beamish5@hotmail.com

Good luck to all athletes that participate in the CWG Team NB selection process!