CWG Training Camp May 12-13th

There will be a Canada Winter Games training camp held in Fredericton from May 12-13th.

When: 10am-5:00pm May 12th

 Where: Grant Harvey Centre

600 Knowledge Park Dr, Fredericton

The camp is planned to be held outdoors the morning of May 12th from 10am-12, then we will be moving indoors for the remainder of the day. Please bring appropriate clothing for the weather conditions outside, and remember to pack a healthy lunch with you and plenty of snacks!

We will be going through a variety of aerobic, and imitation programs, and classroom sessions.

For May 13th we will get to see what your run training has been like by competing in the Scotiabank 5km or 10km road race! It is still not too late to start training for this event, and we encourage all family members to join in and compete, they have race distances for all! Make sure to set a race goal for yourself. You can sign up at the official website here. Your registration fee can be paid online, SSNB is not charging for this event, but you must run the race for it to count as a CWG camp attendance mark. It is only the road race planned for May 13th, after your race you’re free to go home and celebrate Mothers Day!

The cost for the camp is $20 for May 12th. Please sign up below by May 5th.

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***Online payment is preferred.  No cash will be accepted at the event.  If you must use a cheque please make it out to NBASSA Inc for the correct amount.  If no payment is received your attendance at the camp will not be counted.***