CWG Training Camp June 10th

There will be a Canada Winter Games training camp in St. Andrews June 10th

Where: Centennial Park (Joes Point Road, St. Andrews)

When: June 10th 10:00am-5:00pm

The camp in St. Andrews will have a big focus on aerobic fitness training and imitation technique. If you are unable to run please bring a bike with you and proper safety equipment. Be prepared for a tough day of training, we’ll be building you’re energy system!

Because this camp will be focused around aerobic training we will be outdoors for the entirety of the day. Make sure to bring weather appropriate clothes with you, we will not be indoors unless sever weather conditions are projected in which case the camp location will be changed.

This will be a physically demanding camp, make sure to bring proper nutrition with you: Water, snacks (granola bars, fruit, hummus and crackers, etc.), a healthy lunch, sports drinks, and a post training meal. As well it would be a good idea to prepare the day before with hydration, carbohydrate heavy meals, stretching, etc.

The cost for the camp is $20, please sign up HERE by June 3rd.

***Online payment is preferred.  No cash will be accepted at the event.  If you must use a cheque please make it out to NBASSA Inc for the correct amount.  If no payment is received your attendance at the camp will not be counted.***

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