CWG Training Camp July 8th

There will be a Canada Winter Games training camp in Hampton July 8th

Where: Hampton High School soccer field (34 Elizabeth Ave.)

When: July 8th 10:00am-5:00pm

The camp in Hampton will focus on strength building and imitation technique. If you have a kord please bring it with you, as well as cleats so that you have grip on the grass for moving cables. Lunch will be from 12:00-12:45, pack a healthy (protein heavy) lunch with you and lots of water and snacks.

The camp will take place at the soccer field outside, therefore please bring weather appropriate clothing. There will be access to a washroom, but no water fountain so please pack plenty of water!

With the focus of this camp around imitations and muscle building, you want to ensure that you eat plenty of protein before, during, and after the camp. It is suggested that you bring a protein rich snack to have immediately following the days training. Good ideas of what to bring could be: hummus and crackers, chocolate milk, Greek yogurt, cheese, beef jerky, etc.

The cost for the camp is $20, please sign up below by July 1st.

***Online payment is preferred.  No cash will be accepted at the event.  If you must use a cheque please make it out to NBASSA Inc for the correct amount.  If no payment is received your attendance at the camp will not be counted.***

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