CWG Training Camp August 25-26th

There will be a Canada Winter Games training camp in Campbellton August 25-26th

Where: Sugarloaf Provincial Park (596 Val-d’Amour Rd)

When: August 25 12:30-5:30pm

August 26 9am-3:30pm

The camp in Campbellton will focus on aerobic fitness and the technique of using seatbelt cables for training. Bring hiking boots with you, and a cable if you have one. Using cables is demanding on your muscles so it’s a good idea to bring a foam roller to help muscle recovery Saturday night, and it would be a good idea to bring protein heavy snacks. This could be crackers with hummus, greek yogurt, peanut butter sandwich, homemade protein balls (lots of recipes online), etc.

Cables are a very important tool to learn how to use as a speed skater. They’re used as a warm up for practice and competition at all levels up to and including the National Team. If you have a pair of cleats its’s a good idea to bring them. Be ready for sore muscles and tired legs this weekend!

We will be at Sugarloaf National Park for the entirety of the camp so please dress for the outdoor weather and have plenty of water with you (4L bottles!).  The coaches that are attending will be camping at Sugarloaf Saturday night, if you’d like to join in the fun book a campsite on the Sugarloaf website! We’ll also be having a team bonfire at the Sugarloaf campsites starting at 9pm, come for the s’mores, stay for the fire!

If we are forced indoors due to weather we will move make plans for an indoor facility.

The cost for the camp is $20/day, please sign up below by August 19th.

***Online payment is preferred.  No cash will be accepted at the event.  If you must use a cheque please make it out to NBASSA Inc for the correct amount.  If no payment is received your attendance at the camp will not be counted.***

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