NB Records

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Short TrackFemaleNB Records – updated 2023-02-26
Short TrackMaleNB records - updated 2019-12-16
Long TrackMaleLong Track Male NB Records - updated 2022-02-16
Long TrackFemaleLong Track Female NB Records - updated 2022-02-16
Archived Records - 111.12mFemaleNB Records Female Archived
Archived Records - 111.12mMaleNB Records Male Archived
Archived Records - Long TrackMale & Female2016 Long Track NB Records Archived

Standards – Quebec Competitions:  SSNB will not be contacting skaters to tell them they qualified.  It will be your responsibility to notify SSNB’s Provincial Coach – a minimum of twelve days prior to the event you wish to attend.  Contact the SSNB Provincial Coach if you need assistance in figuring out your combined times.

  • AGE Eligibility for 2017 – 2018 Season – Age classification for FPVQ Provincial Circuit is females 13 and older and Males 14 years and older
  • If you are interested in attending FPVQ Provincial Circuit you will need both a 400M and a 1500M time from the 100 M track.
  • The standard for track movement from the 100m to 111.12m track is 203 seconds for men (age 13 or older), and 215 seconds for females (age 14 or older).  This time is a combination of the skaters best 400m time plus their best 1500m time from the current season.  Once a skater achieves the stated combined time, the skater may choose to skate on either the 100m track or the 111.12m track.  The skaters must indicate which track they wish to compete on at the time of registration for any given competition.

    Example: 400m time of 41 sec + 1500m time of 2:42 (162 sec) = 203 seconds (Men)                                                                       400m time of 45 sec + 1500m time of 2:50 (170 sec) = 215 seconds (Female)