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SSNB Games list  —   SSNB – Games for FUNdamental LTSS & L2T

SSNB – Teaching the Basics – the SSNB Learn to skate Manual
Every Club has access to the generic SSNB Programs that are placed on the web site on a Monthly basis.  They are free to use and you can direct questions to Provincial Coach Peter Steele


Here is a brief descriptor of SSNB Programs

The FUNdamentals ( Learn to Skate & learn to speed Skate ) Programs build the base and complement the refinements needed as they mature through the Learn to train stage pre PHV. It builds a very nice base from which to build your traing programs in the Train to train stage and on to the Learn to Compete programs.

DO NOT make the mistake and think, “I will jump ahead for my skater” and that will make them better.  It will not develop the skills and refinements necessary for proper muscular & cognitive development at the proper stages. This sports science approach has been developed by sports experts from around the world.

See Athletes Page for information on the following.

  1. Age appropriate development programs
  2. Flexibility / coordination / agility programs
  3. Nutrition
  4. Age appropriate strength development programs
  5. Age appropriate running and biking programs

There are 2 major divisions in the programs with the FUNdamentals and L2T & T2T/L2C Programs .

The FUNdamentals and L2T Programs are for younger skaters who have not reached their growth spurt (PHV). The programs try to develop the development characteristics that are better suited for that age /development group.
This development is basically general development with an emphasis on Technical achievement in the skating season .

The T2T and L2C programs are for older skaters who have reached PHV and are serious about being the best speed skater they can be.
The development through out these programs refines both our approach to specific training for our sport as well as our commitment to achieving through the mental, technical & tactical skills to be a good Provincial level speed skater.
This is a critical time in the retention of skaters to a high level within the sport.