Coaching Clinics


All Club coaches wishing to assist with coaching at the SSNB fall training Camps are always welcome. Please contact Peter Steele if you wish to assist.

All coaches are encouraged to come to camps. A great deal of information can be gained both on and off the ice , from more experienced coaches. Coaches are glad to share their information and knowledge.


Introduction to Competition Coaching course

Saint Andrews , NB

November 21 & 22,  2015

Cost:   TBD ( Most likely $100.00- $150.00) –However is dependent on the Number of course participants. The more course participants the less expensive for everyone.

Course Location:  NBCC in St Andrews , 99 Augustus Street   St. Andrews, NB

Saturday Course:

  • 9.00 am – 12.00
  • 1.00-5.00 pm

Sunday Course

  • 8.00 – 9.00
  • On Ice training: Sunday – WC O’Neill Arena   9.30   – 11.00
  • 12.00 -3.00 (Flexible – dependant on how course goes)

Course Content:   Speed Skating specific courses only

  1. Technique
  2. Analyse Performance
  3. Equipment
  4. Strategy & Tactics

Course also include an introduction as well as an explanation on how to complete the evaluation process.

The other course like Planning a practice, Nutrition, Basic mental skills , Making Ethical decisions and designing a basic sports program can all be attained through NB’s Coaching Centre for Education at .

To get Coaching association of Canada certification you will need both the CE Multi –sport material as well as this Sport specific course material as well as an on ice evaluation.

To Register – Contact Peter Steele no later than November 12th   at

Accommodations ( Both below have a few rooms )

St Andrews Inn   – 506-529-4571

Europa Inn – 1-877-938-7672

Local B & B on line



FUNdamental Leader (7 hr/1day course)

This is the base entry level for parents who want to come on the ice and learn the very basics.  Course can be offered throughout the winter as requested in advance by clubs. Please contact Peter Steele Or Derrick MacLeod for more information

FUNdamental (15 Hrs – 1 weekends)

This is an introductory level of speed skating specific material that will help you coach Learn to speed skate & FUNdamental Stage Skaters.  Please make sure you have taken your Multi- sport courses before taking this sport specific course .  You do not need to have taken FUNdamental Leader to take the FUNdamental course.  Please contact Peter Steele Or Derrick MacLeod for more information.

These coaching courses are open to all registered members of SSNB or other SSC affiliates.


Coaching Courses under the NEW NCCP have many changes from the old SSC Courses

  1. All courses will include both the Theory and Technical components into the course . Course are 28 to 30 hrs in length and require two full weekends. Attending these courses puts you in the “in training phase”
  2. Completion of the complete course along with the on line ethics and the required portfolio puts you in the “Trained” category
  3. All courses now have an evaluation process and completion of this process by a certified SSC evaluator will finally give you your “Certification”. All new NCCP courses can now be challenged by producing all the necessary documentation at least 1 month prior to a request for evaluation.
  4. All courses are built around SSC’s Long Term Athlete Development Model.  Courses can only be given by approved SSC Learning Facilitators.
    Evaluation can only be done by SSC approved evaluators.


Replacing the OLD level 1 course is the new “FUNdamentals” course

Replacing the OLD Level 2 course is the new “Introduction to Competition” course

Club Coaching Representatives are to get back to Coaching Committee with the numbers from their clubs wishing to take a course. When there are enough coaches wishing to take a course, that level of instruction will be offered.