Canada East Short Track Championships Preparation/Relay Camp

There will be a CEST prep/Relay camp March 24th at the Grant Harvey Centre in Fredericton open to anyone who is age eligible for CEST (Women 11-14, Men 12-15 skating age)

When: March 24th 11:00am – 5:30pm

Where: Grant Harvey Centre, Fredericton (600 Knowledge Park Dr.)

This camp will focus on going through the proper format to perform a relay. For those attending CEST we will go through a more specific plan on relay preparations for CEST. This is not a mandatory camp but is highly recommended for anyone age eligible to attend! Each athlete will be on ice for 1.25 hours.

If you would like to have your blades checked and/or get fitted for an SSNB provincial suit to wear at CEST, please arrive between 10:00-10:30am. There will not be an official lunch break, but athletes are welcome to bring and eat their lunch during a classroom seminar which will be from 11:00-12.

The cost to attend the camp is $30 Please sign up below no later than March 18th.

Please Pay Online. Offline payments will not be accepted!

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