Training programs are intended to be maturation specific and cover the training elements required for all Skater development levels.  These programs are not specifically for speed skating and cover a broad range of movements & skills, to enhance the chances for your enjoyment in all sports, in the future.

Read SSC -Long term Athlete Development Material some very good and information information for parents of skaters of all ages.

This is how children grow into athletes   – there are no short cuts       

L2SS  &  L2T  programs are intended for younger skaters still developing their strength & technical skills.  If your Child is getting all the Agility, Balance, Coordination skills along with speed & aerobic development within their other sports and games.  That is fine.  There will be no need to do any extra programs.  Young athletes in these stages need to develop a love for their sport(s) as well as develop the work ethic that will sustain them, if they wish to have success at later stages.


Learn 2 Speed Skate programs

“FUNdamental skills & Movements in speed skating”

Skaters are beginning on & off ice development programs for those just beginning the sport of speed skating 

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Learn to Train programs

“Beginning of Training process”  Skaters start to learn to development the Aerobic system through more on & off ice training.  As well as learn the value of development of core & limb strength while continuing speed and quickness .
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SUCCESS is a Journey  –   Not a Destination!

The development of the skills required to be a quality athlete are the same as those required to be a positive asset in society in the future.  The learning, development and accumulation of these life skills is one of the reasons why society puts emphasis on sport.  The sport of speed skating is very demanding and requires your utmost commitment & dedication to the 4 aspects of sport is essential, “IF”  you are truly prepared to be successful in the sport of Speed Skating .

SUCCESS is not a sometime thing, SUCCESS IS A HABIT!!

Nutrition & Hydration Guidelines   –  Click here

L2T  & T2T    dryland training minimums for 2013  – Click Here


At the T2T   & T2T-CWG level:   

  • Programs become much more sport specific and a MUST for those that wish to be on the Provincial Long track or Short Track  speed skating teams.   
  • The effort and commitment  at your club practices [ BOTH on & OFF the ICE ] will be the determining factor to reaching for a position on  the Provincial Team.
  • The difference between the T2T and  L2C  programs  depends on work volumes as well as program intensities 
  • You should be able to do a  T2T program before you do a L2T program 
  • Make sure you ask your coach  or the Provincial Coach , which programs will be best suited too you !

Train to Train   (T2T)

The requirements & commitment  to specific training both on the ice as well as consistent inclusion of Off ice – endurance, speed,  balance, flexibility & agility programs, as well as development of a consistent strength program are essential  with in this stage.  In the precious stage (L2T) you learned how to do these skills.  In this stage you have to Train your body to utilize these skills to your maximum benefit.
T2T    Train to Train Program    –     Click here       

To skate at this level  you need to do the sport specific training to have the confidence to keep challenging  yourself:
1.    Monthly Training Programs
2.    Free body strength programs

 Train to train -CWG    (T2T-CWG)

This program expects the skater to  continued incorporation of  both ON ice and OFF ice training routines. It is at this stage of development that you should have the physical capabilities & racing knowledge to be competitive on the national stage.  At this stage , you will have the tools to challenge yourself at the National level through competition. 
T2T-CWG   Program Click here       

This stage is about challenging yourself against the best in the country

1.     Monthly Training Programs
2.     Freebody strength
Important elements in Speed Skater development are : 
  • NUTRITION :  You need to FUEL the FIRE !
  • Rest and RECOVERY  –   An over looked factor for serious athletes
  • Aerobic Development is a huge requirement  in Speed Skating 
  • STRENGTH  DEVELOPMENT is a required element of Speed skating 
  • Flexibility programs available for all levels of skaters.